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Welcome to Mount Zion International School

Founded in 1st June 2011, Mount Zion International School offers a strong, well-rounded academic and extracurricular program for kindergarten through grade 12 students.

Mount Zion is committed to the development of the whole child and is founded on Christian beliefs and values whilst respecting the rich and diverse communities within the school and in its unique location.

We strive to create a warm and caring environment, in which students and staff feel respected and valued. Over the years, Mount Zion has built its outstanding international reputation by balancing sound tradition for academic excellence with innovative approaches to teaching, learning and expanding technology.

      Classes are entirely in the English language – giving them a chance, for the future, in the current work force. Today in such a short span of time, Mount Zion International School has earned a solid reputation and has carved a niche in the educational segment.

We hope you will explore our website and discover for yourself why we believe Mount Zion is an exceptional place for your child to receive an outstanding education that enables him/her to become a global citizen.


Our Vision

Our vision is to help the young develop into upright, creative and loyal citizens, imbued with love for God and compassion and concern for others and nature, with spiritual sensitivity and a sense of personal freedom and to equip them to earn a living and contribute to the economic and social progress of the nation and integrity of creation.

Our vision is to ensure each child grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. As they mature into responsible citizens, they will live spiritually, serve effectively and contribute positively.


Our Mission

To create a society of progressive, thinking individuals who will contribute to the intellectual development of the global Community by initiating positive changes in the social fabric; in the Technology & Administration of our life & businesses; and in the approaches employed to realize Individual & collective aspirations.

  • To provide the finest quality education that will evolve in step with the changes that takes place globally in the fields of education, science, commerce and arts.
  • To provide educational facilities that rank on par with those offered in the world’s finest educational institutions.
  • To provide an environment conducive to the development of progressive thinking.
  • To set new qualitative standards in education by employing innovative approaches.
  • At Mount Zion International School, the child is not just a statistic or a roll number. Each individual is given importance, and their worth is appreciated.
  • To nurture growth in all dimensions of the human personality, physical, mental, social and spiritual, through academic, creative arts, sports and practical education.


Our Values

Mount Zion International School is committed to the pursuit of knowledge. Our aim is to help each student develop an all-round personality by giving value based education, a rich and practical curriculum based on academic learning in an environment of strict discipline and goal setting.

We encourage teamwork and interdependence among our students and staff. We believe in trueness of life. We want the youth to impact the world positively.